Pricing Strategy: Skimming vs Penetration

2 Marzo 2021by DanieleG0

penetration vs skimming pricing

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penetration vs skimming pricing

In a market increasingly dominated by smartphones, providers of landlines may use penetration pricing to get consumers to purchase a landline. Some even bundle these deals alongside cable, internet, and smart phone packages. With price skimming, Apple will, at first, sell its iPhone at p1, thereby maximizing its surplus on category 1.

Impact of Rock Bottom Prices

A company using penetration pricing would also want to lower its cost of production. Otherwise, it will be unsustainable for the company to operate with a very low profit margin. This type of strategy is used to increase market growth from the start. Despite the profits being low, a high number of sales can overcome or compensate for it. Penetration pricing further involves two sub techniques, rapid and slow penetration. A rapid penetration strategy is the one where a high promotion is done but the prices are kept low.

  • Pricing whereby purchasers pay the same price for a product regardless of where they buy it or from whom.
  • Penetration pricing is suitable for markets with high price elasticity that increases sales with lower prices.
  • Old Navy and Great Clips implemented similar reciprocal agreements.
  • Penetration pricing strategy is put into practice when the demand for the product is relatively elastic.
  • Companies use many different pricing strategies and price adjustments.

Skimming pricing targets the upper class where people are willing to pay the differential price for the products belonging to high brands. On the contrary, penetrating price does not target this segment and it pays attention to the customers who are willing to get products with lower prices.

Advantages of skimming pricing strategy include:

Profit margin is also another reason that differentiates the two strategies. Penetration pricing usually yields low-profit margins because of low prices. Whereas, the skimming strategy generates high-profit margins because of the high price of products. Penetration pricing refers to a pricing technique where a new product is introduced to the market at a low price to make market penetration easier.

  • Penetration pricing is the pricing strategy to set a lower and more competitive price for your product to grab as much market share as possible.
  • Despite the profits being low, a high number of sales can overcome or compensate for it.
  • This strategy is not only used for products but for also various services.
  • Effectively, they are leveraging penetration pricing to increase their wallet share.
  • When the seller company sets too low prices, it is also called predatory pricing.
  • It sets the new smartwatch price at $ 1,000 when its competitors are offering at $ 700 on average.

Those status-conscious consumers that purchase your innovative product first can provide valuable feedback and help you work out the kinks before the next update and foreseeably a wider user base. In addition to being valuable testers, early adopters who love your product can act as brand evangelists that create a perception of quality via word of mouth. This free promotion will persuade new customers to buy the product when the price drops. Companies like Apple benefit from high short-term profits during a product’s introduction, and the initial higher prices are justified by the technological breakthroughs they achieve. A starting point in the process is setting pricing objectives in accordance with the overall mission of the company.

Penetration Pricing Strategy

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penetration vs skimming pricing

Further, it’s logical to opt for penetrating price when the product demand is elastic whereas skimming is done when the product demand is inelastic, and the customers are willing to pay high prices. The easy way to remember a skimming approach is to penetration vs skimming pricing think of the turkey gravy at Thanksgiving. When the gravy is chilled, the fat rises to the top and is often “skimmed” off before serving. Price skimming is a pricing approach designed to skim that top part of the gravy, or the top of the market.

It is priced not too high and not too low – it’s just right, hence the name. Price skimming is a strategy where a company will list a product as high as possible, gradually lowering the price until it meets a market average. It estimates a low price of $6 per unit to attract more customers. It produces LED energy bulbs that are priced at $10 on average by its competitors.

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Startup Pricing Strategies – Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Startup Pricing Strategies.

Posted: Thu, 16 Jun 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

With this strategy, your company may discover areas to improve cost efficiency, lower marginal costs, and control business expenses. In this case, we need to mention the economies of scale and lower marginal cost. More specifically, the increase in sales volume may counteract the lower price tag. The company has avoided significant price hikes while at the same time building steady growth of its customer base. Today Netflix holds 51% of streaming subscriptions in the U.S. and has a monthly churn of around 2%. Price penetration’s disadvantages include low expectations, negative brand image, lower brand loyalty, and price wars. These products are manufactured by different companies and brands, and in their entire course of time, they are sold by the suppliers and bought by the customers.

Ecommerce is a business model that enables the buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet. A product line in business is a group of related products under the same brand name manufactured by a company.

  • Hence, you can have the power to defeat your competitors and become a dominant business in the market.
  • Eventually, prices are lowered to follow the product demand curve and attract more price-sensitive customers.
  • However, before setting such a price, companies should conduct a market survey.
  • They also throw out frequent discounts to attract price-sensitive individuals and turn them into loyal customers.
  • The ultimate goal of both the techniques is to make the new product a success, but their strategic objectives are different.


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